Tearspirit Systems NPO

Advancing Computing for Humanities Future.

Tearspirit Systems NPO is an outline and aspiration of mine that I am working towards making it reality. Here is where I will post new information regarding this NPO aspiration I have. Note that this is still on the drawing board and no serious commitments have been made. The PC repair side will be local in Mcpherson, KS.

At Tearspirit Systems, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology for the greater good. Our mission is to provide robust volunteer computing resources to support scientific research and other beneficial endeavors, bridging the gap between advanced computing capabilities and vital research needs. Complementing this, we offer expert PC repair and custom build services, ensuring that individuals and organizations have access to reliable and high-performing technology.

We are steadfast in our commitment to transparency, integrity, and community involvement. Tearspirit Systems strives to be a beacon of innovation and ethical practices in the technology domain, working collaboratively to make a significant, positive impact on society and the environment. Our goal is to create a world where technology serves as a tool for advancement, learning, and solving complex challenges, while also being accessible and sustainable for all

Tearspirit also will strive for innovation into advancing computer technology with better performance and reduced energy needs by exploring and researching in this field as well as AI Integration for management of data and ability to learn what each cluster or core is best for what task to ever increase proficiency.

Mission Statement

Board Members

Tearspirit Systems: Organizational Structure

~ CEO & Founder (Me/Nicholas J Kunc)

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Oversee all organizational operations.

    • Lead custom PC builds and computing cluster development.

    • Manage website and customer service.

    • Drive strategic planning and organizational development.

    ~ IT & Computing Expert

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Guide the technical direction for volunteer computing projects.

    • Advise on IT infrastructure and software solutions.

    • Lead initiatives for technological innovation and efficiency.

    ~ NPO Sector Representative

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Provide insights on non-profit management and community engagement.

    • Ensure alignment of projects with non-profit goals and ethics.

    • Lead fundraising and donor relations efforts.

    ~ Legal Advisor

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Advise on legal and regulatory compliance.

    • Assist in drafting policies and governance documents.

    • Oversee intellectual property and contractual matters.

  • Financial/Crypto-Currency Expert

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Manage financial planning, budgeting, and reporting.

    • Explore innovative funding solutions, including crypto-currency.

    • Ensure financial transparency and accountability.

    ~ Network/Security Professional

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Oversee network infrastructure and cybersecurity measures.

    • Implement data protection and privacy policies.

    • Advise on technology risk management.

    ~ Business Development Professional

  • Role & Responsibilities:

    • Develop business strategies to enhance organizational growth.

    • Identify and pursue partnership and collaboration opportunities.

    • Oversee marketing and public relations efforts.


  • The structure may evolve as the organization grows or comes into fruition.

  • Additional expertise may be sought as needed, including community representatives, technology specialists, etc.

  • Transparency and community involvement are core to all roles.

  • Will start small with possibly 2 cluster computing units to start off with. One will be a CPU focused cluster while the other will be a GPU focus cluster utilizing unique motherboards for GPU computing. (These will most likely resemble crypto-mining setups, but geared and tuned for volunteer Computing.

  • Promotion of BOINC and Volunteer Computing solutions.

  • Promotion of Gridcoin (GRC) and utilize it along with other programs to push for volunteer computing being marked as a Donation for Tax Purposes. This will help more people join the community through BOINC if this can be done.

  • Location will be McPherson, KS using a commercial building with enough size to accommodate growing computer infrastructure as well as space for the PC Repair, custom pc building side and a front area for customers or anyone who would like to ask and look around.

  • Be an example of a transparent NPO for other Businesses or NPO to follow with a strong focus on transparency

  • This is still just an idea. As I learn more about NPO and more knowledge in Computer Science, Business, HTML/CSS coding and website building. Before I begin with talks with potential investors or grants.

Current Template for Startup on Computation Units

Interested? Want more Info? Contact me at TearspiritSystems@proton.me or njkunc@outlook.com.

  • Will Start with 2~4 Server Blades utilizing AMD EPYC Processors

  • 2~4 8 Slot GPU Mining Rigs fitted with Teslas.

  • A Third addition will be an APU cluster fitted with top end APU in small size and energy efficient. (will be introduced later.)

  • Will have a system in place for mobile devices or QUALCOMM processors. Hope is to work with Qualcomm to develop a board with a high number of snapdragon processors, some ram and storage with a high bandwidth bridge to connect each board into a small slot where it hooks into the cluster and also the liquid cooling system. This could create a very compact, energy efficient and large number of cores for its size. It would be a new approach for computing that I think should be explored.

There will be parallels processing capabilities and utilizing AI for resource management as well as improving performance by delegating tasks to machines or part like CPU or GPU that can do it faster or with less energy.