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Central Kansas Mcpherson

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Can do custom pc builds, however I am not a professional and only have my own experience on building PC.

Can build from mini ITX to ATX gaming builds. Rate would by 10% Labor + Shipping (No Shipping if

Local McPherson, KS.)

Send me an Email or fill out the contact form if your interested and what you

are looking for, and I will help you get what you are wanting, made with brand

named new (or preferred used components for lower cost.)

No Returns right now nor Warranty on the entire machine. I can give some IT

help if I can for customers.

Warranties and/or Protection Plans will be given to the customer

along with all documentation and order info. I am new to doing builds this way

and hoping to learn more and more everyday.

USA Only Shipping (GPU Protection Included)

And no shipping for local McPherson, KS County. Can do limited PC repair locally

as well, but I cannot guarantee I will be able to fix your problem or get something

wrong as I again am not a professional. I have built a lot of PCs since I was 15

(34 now) And all my builds were dependable and still running to this day. Last

Gen such as AM4 and DDR4 will be a lot less expensive then current new gen,

Depending on your needs money can be saved using older generations for the

Specifications or Use you want. New Gen will have the ability to upgrade in the

future, so take that into account if you want to future proof your machine.

I hope I can make a perfect system for you at a reasonable price for custom

builds though it will naturally cost more than other retailers or builders.

I am just one guy doing this as a side gig to help with bills, but willing to go full

in if I get enough requests or interest is gained. With either this or the NPO

aspirations I have. Transparency and quality is some of my core values.

I have one pre-built build for mini-ITX and mini case. Powered by AMD Ryzen 5 7600 with

integrated AMD graphics, 32gb Corsair DDR5 Ram, 128GB nVME SSD, ASRock 620I Lightning

Motherboard with Wifi. I can build this without an OS for approx. $700 to $800(Labor and

Shipping included) or $900 to $1000 with OS (Labor and Shipping included. The

PSU is a 192 Watt DC Transformer with an ATX to DC converter installed inside which means it

will have an external brick PSU (like laptops). Simple light weight case. This is the cheapest I

can build one of these mini computers that is somewhat future proof with the AM5 Socket and

the PCIe Slot. The case also can be changed or picked from a list available for this build.

The only limiting factor is the RAM, and only one PCIe slot for a GPU.

All warranties on parts (if bought new or used customer preference) will be handled over to

the customer along with any protection plans if they so choose. It is a powerful build for its size

and all name brand components handpicked by me . Email me if you are interested in me

building one for you. This is a special build using this generation components and is meant to

be future proof. For moderate gaming, general computer usage, and professional office setting

this computer build should last 5 to 10 years approx. (With evolving AI and rapid technology

growth I cannot guarantee that.)

The advantages of having a custom built PC is that I use all name brand components with proven

track record both in reviews and personal experience and knowledge.

Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor
Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor