Tearspirit is a website where I share my various thoughts on science, philosophy, video games, manga, anime, and computers. Explore my musings, learn about my BOINC or Volunteer Computing ventures, and support the endeavor by making a donations. Tearspirit is a place holder name and logo for now.

Tearspirit was the name my cousin and I wanted for when we would be game developers. Although that dream hasnt come true yet, I thought I would use it as my own little corner of the internet full of random stuff, BOINC and volunteer computing and how I am contributing and Computer Knowledge and possibly custom pc building. (TBA)

About Tearspirit

My principles

Embracing the thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore the unknown. I love gaining knowledge from any field even if it is one I don't dabble in as much. I am one of those guys that will see something and then learn everything about it on a whim.

Community and Transperency



Approaching ideas and perspectives with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

Also learn about my beliefs which I simply call Probability-ism? And keep adding more to it.

Fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among like-minded individuals. As well as being as transparent as possible in all my endeavors.

Nicholas J. Kunc
Nicholas J. Kunc

About Me

I started this website in hopes to get my thoughts out into the world and work towards my goals. I am a very introverted person with some mental and physical disorders that I have struggled with for all my life. I love computers and volunteer computing, building custom PCs, manga, anime and anything space. Never got the chance to go to college or anything, though that doesn't seem to get you much these days. More detailed history is hidden for those who wish to read it. (And when I get it someone presentable)

I have a passion for volunteer computing ever since joining BOINC and Gridcoin.

Nicholas J. Kunc


This is my personal GoFundMe to help me after losing my job due to medical reasons and a rough last year. This is completely separate from the Tearspirit donations for Volunteer Computing. This link will take you to my GoFundMe and my story. I appreciate every donation and every person that shares my GofundMe.

My Cat


My best pal and friend. I have had him since he was a kitten and now he is 4 years and weights 18-20Lbs. I believe he is a American shorthair mixed tuxedo cat.

New Stray I saved

Arty (Artemis)

I saved this small tuxedo cat that has been living underneath my house for 2 years now. Its fur is very soft and she is very small. Under 4LBs. Working on getting her to a vet, but she is still a bit feral and only friendly to me at the moment. I wanted to get Loki a buddy, and it worked as they both instantly bonded.

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