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My BOINC and volunteer computing passion.

My BOINC setup so far

All the machines I have running BOINC Along with latest stats report from Future links for machines and specs coming


All about gridcoin while using BOINC.

If you are new to Grid Coin and do not want to use the facets or discord, you can email me and I can help get you GRC to get started by including your wallet [On Receive copy the wallet address]

But also check out the website link above. It has all the information you need to get started and help grow this crypto currency!

Gridcoin Logo
Gridcoin Logo
blue circuit board for depicting volunteer computing hardware
blue circuit board for depicting volunteer computing hardware
Help with the BIONC effort through me!

Donating to me will go straight to costs for running BOINC machines and upgrading them for more performance and have a greater impact. As well as operating costs. This is for those who don't or cant participate in volunteer computing via your donations to help improve computer network. If I could I would love to do a Non-profit organization for this but I am way too inexperienced to tackle such a feat. Below is a Donation link to my PERSONAL PayPal that will be solely used for improving my computer network infrastructure and operating cost for running volunteer computing. (This can go to better equipment for better performance overall or maintaining the computer networks operating costs such as electricity and technical maintenance.)

What is BOINC?

BOINC is a non-profit platform in which users can use their computers to donate computational time to various projects of your choosing from mapping the milky way to helping fight cancer!

Click the link above to be directed to BIONC website. Note BOINC is a program you download to link you with scientific projects.

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin is a crypto currency (GRC) that is partnered with BOINC so that people who contribute to projects on BOINC they receive GRC rewards based on your contribution and how much GRC you have. Click the link above to go to the Gridcoin website, it has all the guides and help you will need!

Tearspirit up to date Free-DC information on BOINC projects.


Similar to BOINC, it is its own program and studies protein folding to develop new medicine.


Tearspirit Logo and Title
Tearspirit Logo and Title