Project DaoRise

If I was to sum up my vision for this RPG game it would be this. Each playthrough will be a different and unique story woven by your choices and heavy and many different AI driven elements to forge the world in the game to make it come alive. After each playthrough you will also have created your own unique personal version of the manhua story generated with AI with panels and artwork specific to your playthrough of the game. What I want is a game that feels like its breathing, and give opportunities for people to create and share their experience with the game.

Landing page for this project as well as a way for people to comment or ask questions about it below. Not much to see here yet. But I will be trying to mix this into my schedule for training to get a new job I can do with my physical and mental disabilities. The game will be heavily AI based and one feature I will say it will have is dynamically generating unique experience into the game into actual manhua art. I am still working on the proof of concept for this and researching a lot. It is doable, but would require a very good team or developer to actually create. Though if I have to do it by myself, even if it takes 15 to 20 years or more Ill still try to make it. I just get very excited about this, and ideas are flowing nicely. It is probably very over ambitious, but for a game like this it could be ground breaking and change to gaming world completely. I cant make any promises or claims of being able to do this right now as I am new to AI and machine learning and video game development.