Pillars of Humanity

My Pillars of Humanity Philosophical thought experiment.


Nicholas J Kunc

9/16/20236 min read

Pillars of Humanity to show that humanity can grow to great heights, but needs to change.
Pillars of Humanity to show that humanity can grow to great heights, but needs to change.

Pillars of Humanity

I found myself immersed in a deep, introspective thought process and ended up penning down these "Pillars of Humanity." It's an amalgamation of various ideas, beliefs, and values I've held over time, touching on humanity's intricate ties with the universe and its own essence. I've sought some insights from ChatGPT-4 (link at the bottom), and while I'm a firm believer in probabilities and often venture into religion and science, this is my own synthesis. I'm genuinely eager for feedback—positive, negative, or neutral—as every perspective is a learning opportunity for me. This is a rare outward expression from me, primarily driven by my desire to communicate and engage despite my social anxiety. And if you're wondering about the nine paragraphs, it's a nod to Tesla's fascination with the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Lastly, while these thoughts are uniquely mine, if there are resemblances to existing philosophies, it's coincidental, a testament to the collective human experience. Wanted to get this out there so others could read it as well. You can also find this on my reddit thread u/zaneflield9826 and u/eonuzex

Pillars of Humanity (Philosophy) (Humanity from before its beginnings to its timeless future is a pillar. This pillar started out small, with the beginning crumbling away as the top is crumbling upward. Each person is part of this pillar, and this pillar is apart of you yourself. The more this pillar grows and improves is the future humans hold in this universe of infinite time.

Don't force life. (This philosophy and ideology~~?~~ means to never force anything in your life. Do not try to be someone that you are not. You have to find your true self through all the muddied waters of life. Your true life lies within you, you must find it but it is not something that can be found through force but through conscious enlightenment and acceptance. To find your true life in the muddy waters of what is humanities life it is not something that can be forced to find, these keys to life you our trying to find for yourself is littered with false keys. But you will find, that your true key and true life was in front of you all this time. You are blind to it due to your own limitations and thoughts. To accept your life is to not fight it, but to let it guide you. Your true key quality is what can impact not only your life but all of humanities life.)

Imitations equals Imitation one can equal one or one can equal all.(The ideology is founded on not accept mere imitation. If you imitate a monkey you will only be a monkey, if you imitate an astronaut you can only ever be that. Individuality is very important in the unity of humanity. Individuality and your connection to the pillar of humanity means that you have the power to be one of the many souls that came before or after you, or the power to effect the entirety of humanities pillar. Our individuality is our ingenuity and our and humanities enlightenment.)

Mortality Shapes our Soul (Humans have the weight of unavoidable death they live with their entire life. But it is how you use your mortality to shape your soul. If mortality is binding your soul then it will forever be bound. Mortality is unique in the aspect that we can shape it through sheer will and effort. How you perceive life and death determines the shape of your soul. Mortality is only a term we use for the end that we cannot see. However mortality doesn't mean an end, it is only a trait that we utilize to shape our soul.)

You are connected to the infinite universe. (While mortality surely limits are ability to weather the time of the cosmos we are in an essence connected to it. From before you were born and at the moment of your death, infinity. Eternity happens to you in that instant. Infinity and eternity are not connected to time, we only utilize a construct to allow us to understand it. However Infinity and Eternity has no time. Time is but an instant yet holds all of infinity and eternity within it. Just as the universe began small, so does time itself begin small. Or to say that time is only a law in which guides the universe at all levels. It is an infinite law that will always be in place no matter what outcome. But in the very nanoseconds of conscious birth and death we connect entirely with time itself. How we perceive our connection is how more attuned you are to the laws of the universe on all scales.)

You hold an unlimited future. (Humans due to how we developed have gained traits that while good in the short term, means ruin in the future. When humans are able to rid themselves of greed, lust, sloth, wrath, pride and glory can we truly rise our race to an unlimited potential. Just as we developed these traits to survive to where we are now, we must now evolve ourselves to mold our future. How we rid these traits and in what order and time will greatly effect you and humanities future. Our mortality means we can only pass the torch to further develop, but if we fight against these traits and challenge our mortality only then can we truly rise to our full potential.)

You stand atop unending amount of humans and souls. (Through the ages we only got to where we are through our adaptivity and an unlimited amount of willpower. Everyone in history will stand on top of those who were before them. And just as you stand on these untold number of humans so do the one at the top stands upon the same. Humanity can only grow once this burden can be withstood and respected. Humanity in of itself is unified through out all of time. Where we began and where we go is where humanity will go as well. However since everyone is connected to this humanity, the closer you are at understanding the weight of humanity it only needs one spark to change it. Either for good or worse is completely up to not just humanity as a whole, but individually as well. You are not a cog in the wheel of humanity, you our humanity its very foundations itself is connected to each and everyone. )

Unity through acceptance. (Our nature and how we have evolved has formed divides in humanity, as these traits were needed for survival, humanity always has the potential to change the future. Just as everyone is connected to the pillar of humanity, to truly evolve and reach our unlimited potential is to accept all of humanity from its very beginnings to its very end. How we understand this and the closer you are to accepting and understanding of it so to will you inspire others to do the same. The cracks in humanities pillars are of its own doing, but we have the ability to mend these cracks, make humanities pillar stronger, from its infinite past to its infinite future. Where it crumbles is up to not just humanity as a whole, but as an individual human yourself. Even the tiniest crack can lead to disaster so to can a tiny mend of the crack helps the pillar of humanity.)

Enlightenment can come from the soul or its construct. (Just as humans evolved and advanced in technology to improve humanity as a whole. The shape of your soul will be the constructs of its pillar. The more enlightened you are to your true life and your true connection with the pillars of humanity, the sturdier and growth of that construct will be effected. Humans have unlimited potential both as a whole and individually. The shape of our soul is the imprint we leave upon humanity. Your true self and true connection to the pillars of humanity is that you yourself are its entire construct, along with everyone else. This construct is connected to all humans but also connected only to you as well. How you shape your soul to construct the pillars of humanity will effect it for all of time. Enlightenment can only come from understanding the pillars of humanity, the shape of your soul and the things that bind you. The better your understand this and the better you accept this responsibility not just for yourself so do others acceptance will effect the pillars of humanity, its true future.)

Chat GPT-4 discussion with this philosophy / thought experiment. Again sorry if its kind of incoherent