Personal Blog Diary #1

Personal thoughts and struggles. And my current events


Nicholas J Kunc

9/25/20232 min read

Personal Blog/Diary Numba #1.

Well first personal blog post! So I guess lets get into it.

Personal Blog Diary #1

Pain, Tears, Frustration: A Journey Through Challenge and Hope

My journey with mental and physical health issues has been arduous and costly, leading to job losses and much pain. Thankfully, my family's support has been a cornerstone in my resilience.

Recently, I faced the difficult decision to resign from my job due to health complications and inadequate workplace accommodations. This loss was a major setback, considering my years of dedication and expertise. With my brother moving out, the financial burden has increased, intensifying my search for a suitable job, preferably in IT or a home-based role. My passion for building computers offers a glimmer of hope and focus amidst these challenges.

Depression, an unwelcome companion in my life, has manifested in both subtle and overwhelming ways. I've had periods of what I term 'True Major Depression,' a debilitating state of mind and body, leaving me feeling disconnected and devoid of purpose. However, since quitting drinking and reevaluating my mental health strategy, these episodes have lessened. Anxiety and Social Anxiety along with atypical panic attack disorder makes it very difficult to talk or be around other people for very long, even my family. Another key challenge I face is my ability to ask for help, I have a very hard time doing so. But I am working on all these and hoping for better changes in my life.

My physical health, particularly chronic kidney stones, has been a recurrent source of pain and frustration. Navigating the healthcare system, seeking appropriate pain management, and contending with the complexities of medical insurance have added layers of stress. My experiences with medical misdiagnoses and the reluctance of doctors to prescribe necessary medication have left me disheartened. Recent unknown painful and intensely discomfort urinary tract condition has been going on for weeks with no end in sight, I see a Urologist on November 20, 2023. The symptoms are Pain, Intense Urgency and later difficulty urinating. Still hoping it can be recoverable or managed as it has hindered my ability to do very much.

Despite these hurdles, I remain hopeful. I'm exploring new treatment options for my ADHD, which I believe contributes to my depression and anxiety. The potential trial of a new drug and consideration of alternative therapies like electric shock treatment keep my hope alive.

Financially, the situation is pressing. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist during this transition period. I'm also navigating the intricacies of securing my unemployment benefits following my resignation from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), ensuring I have the necessary documentation for a smooth process.

As I continue to manage my health and financial challenges, I am determined to improve my web development skills and find work that accommodates my conditions. My story is one of pain and frustration, but also of resilience and hope for a better future.

Pain, Tears and Frustration.  An abstract of the struggles of those with mental and physical illness
Pain, Tears and Frustration.  An abstract of the struggles of those with mental and physical illness