Reddit Post r/Overclockers (A6-3650) Bench and Info pictures.

Here are the DEFAULT or Auto/Stock settings

Here is the Cinebench for 5.6ghz (supposedly) 120 on the FSB so 26x multiplier would make it actually 3.1ghz by CPU Spec Also has my other runs in it. Will add more just got done with 130 on the FSB.

Here I manually set the clock and settings to the A6-3650 Stock settings by putting the multiplier to 26x with everything else auto.

CPU-Z and HWiNFO64 Logs after Cinebench run at 6.199ghz (supposedly) FSB is at 130 so CPU spec would say its 3.38ghz. Temps were fine. Click here to view the reports in both.

BIOS Pictures showing the 47 multiplier and 4.7ghz and also me manually putting it down to this APU's stock settings and manually changing it to the Stock CPU settings by spec.